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Come see the San Francisco Fleet week 2019! NAS Alameda was a big part of fleet week when the Naval Air Station was open. Come relive some excitement of the Blue Angels, F-35, and other air demonstrations over San Francisco Bay!   https://youtu.be/6L4WFOWdTZA  

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  1. I was stationed there in 68 or 69 when the Angels had a collision when practicing and lost a plane in the bay.

  2. 1966 and after boot camp training in the Great Lakes I was stationed in Alameda, California. It was 1967/68 with the A-4 Skyhawk company VSF-1 (antisubmarine fighter squadron one). We did some carrier deployment aboard the USS Bennington off the coast of California and training/schools in Fallen, Nevada. 1968/69 VSF-1 deployed aboard the USS Independence CVA-62 from Norfolk, Virginia. We joined the 6th fleet to the Mediterranean Sea. I finished my tour of duty with CINCLANTFLT in Norfolk, Virginia. I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy in 1973. ALAMEDA was a good experience i.e. Oakland, Treasure Island, San Francisco and much much more. Hard to believe for me it’s well over 50 years ago. Thank you NAVY for the memories.

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