Alameda Naval Air Museum

VSF-1 "Warhawks" Anti-Submarine Fighter Squadron One

VSF-1 "Warhawks" patch
VSF-1 "Warhawks" patch
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Stationed at NAS Alameda: 1965 to 19?? -- VSF-1 was established on 1 July 1965. On 1 July 1966 VSF-1 was split in half -- One half remained as VSF-1 and deployed on the USS Shangri-La CVS-38 to the Mediterranean and the other half was called VSF-1 Det Alameda which was later renamed VSF-3 Chessmen.

A4-B Skyhawk at NAS Alameda 1966 - left side view of VSF-1 Skyhawks on the Alameda ramp, front to back: BuNo 145002, NA-83, (aka Rudi); BuNo 144999, NA-78; and BuNo 142809. --Photo credit: "Boom" Powell
A-4B Skyhawk at NAS Alameda 28 October 1966 - left side view of VSF-1 Skyhawk BuNo 144967, NA-89, parked on the ramp next to BuNo 145002, NA-88, (aka Rudi). --Photo credit: Clay Jansson


Credits:Images and information provided by R. R. "Boom" Powell, Cdr, USN (Ret), member of the Skyhawk Association.