Alameda Naval Air Museum

FIRSTPAC-1187 Fleet Intelligence Rapid Support Team Pacific 1187

FIRSTPAC-1187 Patch
FIRSTPAC-1187 Patch
Junior Officers of FIRSTPAC-1187
Junior Officers of FIRSTPAC-1187, from left to right: Geoff Phillips, Jim Jellison, Bob Cieri and Dave Rogers on 13 July 1985. We're in our "choker whites" for the ceremony.
Officers and Enlisted personnel
Officers and Enlisted personnel of FIRSTPAC-1187 gathered for a Unit Photo on the occasion of the Naval Air Reserve Alameda Change of Command Ceremony, 13 July 1985.
ENS Robert M. Cieri
ENS Robert M. Cieri, USNR on 13 July 1985
Credit:Images provided by Mr. Robert M. Cieri.