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Sunday, December 12, 2021 1100 A.M. to 4:00 PM

Come join us this weekend on Sunday from 1100 in the morning to 4 PM as we have the newly completed Christmas Train on the 3rd floor (Elevator accessible) and Santa Claus is due to make an appearance!  If all goes well we will have the Dancing Christmas Trees and decoration to the “hilt” !

We have recently opened the 3rd floor of the museum where the train room is now open and operational.  NAS Alameda has a long and solid history as the terminus for the Transcontinental Railroad.  As NAS Alameda was built, and the rail bridge at High Street was completed, the Transcontinental extended beyond Oakland into Alameda, and eventually to Pier 3 of the NAS.  The plaque is now located at Webster and Lincoln, at the bus stop. Maybe we should move it back to NAS Alameda!

Additionally, the Library is now open for visiting on the 3rd floor where we have hundreds of books that have been sorted, categorized by our professional volunteer librarians!  As Alameda Point continues to develop, our local museum has become the go to location for learning the history of this great location, how it was built, used, and what was done here for so many years by thousands and thousands of employees from the local area.


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