5 thoughts on “Dennis Lee Merrill, Lt. Cpl. USMC

  1. Denny and I served in 1961-1963 with 2/5 at Pendleton, then transplaced to 2/9 in Okinawa. When we were at cold weather training on Mt Fuji my appendix burst, Denny got me to our corpsmen, got a chopper recalled and evacuated me to a Navel hospital then to an Army hospital where I was operated on. He saved my life. I cannot tell you how many times in the years since that I wish I could have been there for him.
    Semper fi old friend.
    Bob Thorpe
    L/cpl USMC

    1. I serve with Dennis for four years we left for Okinawa in May 1961 turned to the states in May 1962 went to Cuba during the missile crisis in August 1963 we went to Alameda naval air station. I got out and October 1964 and Dennis stayed in the Corps and was killed in Vietnam Nov. 1967. Sorry Bob I don’t remember you. Bill

  2. Thank you Bob and Bill for sharing your experiences with my uncle Dennis. We were close in age so I have a lot of memories of him. Even after so many years his loss seems like it happened just yesterday. His parents and siblings have all passed away and just his nieces and nephews are left to remember him. We love and miss him, he was taken from us so young, but we honor and thank him for his service and sacrifice.

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