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Capt. Stebbins and his wife Patsy


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    1. Thank you for the add there. I am his nephew that put this all together. At least helped in doing it. Who are you and how do you know about my uncle.

  1. My name is Alexandra Lenoir. Stebbins. He was my father. I am the youngest of five children. He never talked about his career. He retired when I was five years old. I would love to hear some stories.

    1. Alexandra,

      To learn about Commander Stebbins career in the Pacific with Task Force 58 during WW II, read the book “Carrier War” by Lt Oliver Jensen. When I was a kid living in Japan right after the war (I was an Army Brat), I had a copy that I must have read a hundred times. Stebbins and Clifton were memorable fighter pilots. I was thrilled when my dad told me that your father and “Jumping Joe” Clifton were his classmates at the Naval War College, Class of 1954.

    2. Alexandra,
      My name is Hap Woodson and I am 77 and I am a retired Navy Captain living in Atlantic Beach, Fl. My dad, Bud Woodson (Deceased) was a retired Navy Captain, and he and your dad (‘Stebbie’)were the best of friends. More than that, your mother and mine, Joann, were more than best of friends. When I was ten or eleven in Va, I found a stray Afghan hound. My mom named her Patsy and it has stuck forever for me. I think our parents met in Newport R.I. at the Naval War College around 1954. Over the years, they stayed with us a number of times. One summer they rented a five bedroom house for a week right on the ocean in Va Beach, Va. I knew your sisters, and I had a thing going that week for your number two sister. I have forgotten her name. Ask them if they remember that week. I have a few more memories of your dad if you get this. He was bigger than life to me. My email address is

      1. Thank you for sharing this, Hap! I am Alexandra’s daughter, Gracie, granddaughter of Edgar and Patsy. I just shared your story with my mom, she’s going to reach out to you. Your message has brought our family so much joy <3

  2. I remember my Uncle putting me on a helicopter and flying over to a air craft carrier. That coptor was so loud. I remember holding my ears.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am one of Edgars Grandsons, the son of Ann Stebbins Sage. Edgar always held a place in my heart. He was so sweet to us as kids and would tell me his stories over a martini (edgar) and a coke (me)

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