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  1. Leo’s two sons, Michael and James, also served in the U.S. Navy (Active duty) Michael was attached to HS-85 “Golden Gater’s” Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron, N.A.S. Alameda, 1970 to 1974, as an Aviation Electrician. James was was stationed on board U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, CV-63, 1980 to 1985, as an Aviation Support Electrician.
    The Kremper family, along with all the members of the N.A.S. Alameda community, are proud to have served in the defense of our great nation.

  2. I served with Michael while in HS-85 (but we didn’t have a name back then!)…1971-76. Mike was really into Paragliding. I recall him boasting that his instructor had 9 pins in his body from broken bones!

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