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Mr. Mockabee joined the navy at age 24, was stationed at NAS when it was first commissioned, and is a plank-owner. It was there that he met and married my mother, Josephine Cecelia Martin, a clerk, and the daughter of the first NAS Comptroller “Doc” Martin. My father was stationed at Moffitt Field during WWII, where he was on active duty in the Navy, and an engineer on one of the “lighter-than-air” blimp crews that patrolled the coast of N. California. Following the War they returned to Alameda where my father worked as a civilian at NAS Alameda. He was the Comptroller at the time of his death in 1958.

–provided by his daughter Annie Mockabee

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  1. Your father actually may have known mine! My Dad also flew blimps, as an Aviation Machinist Mate during the same time period… Robert Charles Waterbury, from Alameda, graduated from Alameda HIgh ~1940

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