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hs-85-patchHS-85 was established as Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eight Five on 1 July 1970 at Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda, CA.

In 1993, HS-85 moved from NAS Alameda to NAS North Island to assume the Target Launch and Target/Torpedo Recovery mission at Naval Auxiliary Landing Field (NALF) San Clemente Island, CA upon the decommissioning of Helicopter Combat Support Squadron ONE.

HS-85 became HC-85 on 1 October 1994, reflecting a change in squadron mission from ASW to Combat Support.

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  1. HS-85 was my first duty station when I was in the NAVY. I had good times and worked with great people there. I remember when they moved to NAS North Island. To who all served with me from 1990 to 1993. I wish you all the luck in the world. AZ2 William Holmes

    1. I served from 90-94, was the designated plane captain on a converted h3 from Florida to California… Five days, flying visual, Texas took two days.. Memories for life. Name’s AMS Trinh. Hit me up guys, if we served together.

    2. I was in HS-85 During those same years 90 to Sep. 93 as an Aviation Electrician. I was in the AE/AT shop. I got Temporary Assigned Duty (TAD) to Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) from like 92-93. I remember you, Holmes, you worked upstairs I believe. Looking back a pretty good group of guys.

    1. Jeff, been trying to track you down. ASW pipeline through HelWingRes in San Diego. Mark Mcd from NY. Hope all is well. m

  2. I served in HS-85 as a Mech from 1979 – 1983 with some of the best guys I have ever known – Damn good times! AFCM James Jackson was without a doubt the finest leader I ever had in my 24 year naval career. God bless him where ever he is!

  3. I served as a reserve airman with HS-85 from 1976- 1981. Some of my fondest memories were serving on “ACDUTRA” with my friends Mike Carillo and Bill Pierra. Over the years I’ve been to the decommissioned NAS and driven past the old hanger. A life changing experience for sure.

      1. This is Bill Perreira and Mike Carrillo and myself have been trying to locate Bobby more for the last few years for annual Acdutra. Bobby Moore my phone number is 925-325-4003 I will be awaiting your call so please call ASAP

    1. Hello Bobby! Bill and I have been looking for you for a few years now. My phone number is 510.612.0213, and Bill’s is 925.325.4003. I hope we don’t get written-up, we’ve missed quite a few yearly drills! Give us a call the first chance you get. I look forward to talking to you.

    2. Hello Bobby! Bill and I have been looking for you for a few years now. I hope we don’t get written-up for missing so many yearly drills! My phone number is 510.612.0213, and Bill’s number is 925.325.4003. Give us a call the first chance you get. I look forward to hearing from you!

    3. Hi Bobby. Please call me at 510-612-0213. Bill and I have been looking for you for years.

  4. I served as a reserve ASW from 1971 – 1974. Really loved the job and flying in the H3’s.
    Still fly smaller aircraft as a commercial rated pilot and have a shop and flight school at the Reno Tahoe international airport.

  5. .I was the original plank holder for HS 85. I designed the units naval insigia with trident and crown. YN Leonard Bendgen

  6. I have come across an APH-6C that say “Hellwingers” on it. As a retired USAF MH-53 J/M, UH-1H/N, and MI-8/17 helicopter gunner I would love to see this Helmet go to a fellow helicopter guy that served in your unit. Let me know by replying to this post. Take care.

  7. The Commanding Officet of HS-85 in the late 1970s was Commander Frazziet. I was the squadron Maintenance Chief. I would like to be in contact with Cdr Frazzier. Any leads will be appreciated.

  8. The Commanding Officer of HS-85 in the late 1970s was Commander Frazziet. I was the squadron Maintenance Chief. I would like to be in contact with Cdr Frazzier. Any leads will be appreciated.

  9. I have a blog, Memoirs of a U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. Much of it covers my years at NAS Alameda on the VP-26 line, in VA-303, and HS-85. The blog can be found by typing the title in Google.

  10. served in hs 85 from sept 1971 to 1974. had a great time with lots of great guys, flew a bunch. detachments on the canadian ship Provider. went to hawaii with them. lots of schools in imperial beach and trips to tijuana when you could get out alive. fishing in the estuary, was a lunch time regular. finished as wc supervisor in 110, i think that is me in the helo picture doing an engine turnup for a systrms check, ADJ2 Brian T. Wrigley.

  11. I was honored to serve with HS-85 from 1977 to about 1985. Great bunch of dedicated navy folks to deploy and fly with. Gordon Thomas, Captain, retired.

  12. I served in HS-85 from 1990-1993 as an Aviation Electrician. Was Temporary Assigned Duty (TAD) to Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Dept (AIMD) for 1993. Have some great memories looking back and met good people in the squadron. AE2 Jon Knutson

  13. I was in HS-85 from 4/83 to 6/86 AT3 was mainly a night check supervisor for the line division I trained all the plane captains for the squadron work with a great bunch there had some good time to my email if an one wants to contact me quetzalcoatlnathan@gmail.com love to hear from anyone I served with

  14. AE1 David Kane, I had a real good 4 years from from 1985 to 1989. Was in QA with At1 Dickey, ran into ATCS Dickey in 1993 with VP30. Does anyone remember Inky? reconnected with him recently, we had some fun times. Wish I hadn’t taken those orders to NAF Detroit after, what a Hell Hole and 4 years digging snow, guess that’s why I live in Florida now.

  15. My father chief Joseph Larsen served in HS 85, unfortunately he passed away in 2017, he has fond memories in Alameda. feel free to contact me if you remember him

    1. Jennifer,
      I worked with your dad in HS-85 IN Maintenance control in the 80s. He was a damn good Chief and I am proud to have served with him. It is extremely sad for me to hear that he has passed. He taught me many things and I will never forget him. Thank you for posting.

  16. Aw1 Roger England, I served from HS-85 inception from 1970-1974. Was a great squadron to serve with. I was involved in Aircrew training from the Squadron’s beginnings, and also was part of the Squadron’s deployment on CVS14 – USS Ticonderoga. I was one of the first to transition from the AX rating to the AW rating when it was created. I had qualified as an Aircrewman as an AX, and it was a lateral shift at that time. Also was a qualified Aircrew Instructor after training with RASWTAC West at NAS Los Alimitos & NAS Imperial Beach.

  17. AX2 Vaujin. 76 to 81

    I was the guy that organized the pig roast / party on Kauai.

    Seconded to the base intermediate facility my last year.

    Better at the squadron.

    Anyone know what happened to Ltc Perkins and Fuller?

  18. Hi Kurt, this is Rich Vandepels. I was in
    hs85 from 1975 to 1979. Got out join the Coast Guard and retired from there after 23 years. Call me 239 989 898 6. Love to hear from you

  19. I served in H-S 85 from 76-78 as an electrician, electronics Repairman. Some of the best memories and most unique situations.

  20. I served from 1971 to 1977. My commander was Larry Elson. Truly a great guy. I was on the line and became an expert on grease guns and safety-wire. Really enjoyed the entire experience. Highlight was a two-week summer cruise on the Ticonderoga, CVS 14 in, I think, in 1973 just before it was decommissioned.

    Wish I could remember the names of all my shipmates. A great group of guys.

    One of my sons is in pilot training at Pensacola. He’s an Ensign in the Coast Guard. He is training with The Navy and the Marine Corp.

    My best regards to all of you.

    Steve Block

  21. YN2 Yates ~ served in HS-85 from 10/84 to 3/88. Recognize some names here (Aragon, Rauch, Kane, Stiarwalt, MacIndoe. A great bunch of guys to work with.

  22. Hi all. I found a picture of my dad Ken Holeman with 4 others receiving certificates. My dad was wearing a HS-85 hat. Did a quick search and wound up here. Pix is from the early 70’s wish I could share pix to find out if anyone remembers anything about anyone in photo or my dad Ken Holeman. In picture he is a 3rd class petty officer.

    Here’s and thanks for serving
    Paul Holeman

    1. Hello, I was on active duty with HS-85 from early 1971 through mid-1973. If you have a photo, if you would like to attach a scan maybe I could help figure out who is in it, although I confess I do not recall the Holeman name. Michael Schwartz, Grants Pass, OR

  23. Lots of great memories! I was a TAR active duty AE2 from early 1971 through April 1973; then stayed as a reservist through 1977. I loved that unit. We were at NAS Alameda, in hanger 22. Now that Alameda is in the hands of civilians, you should see what they’ve done with hanger 22– it’s a brew pub, and it looks fantastic! I worked for AEC Sid Damstra. Other folks I met– AT Rick Ridge, AE2 Ted Alcorn, Chief Glasscock, Chief Doug Racine, AE1 Pete Wohl, AE1 “Sonny” Brightman, LCDR Gustaveson, CWO Justet, Chief Lenny Raye, Chief Charlie Moore, CDR K.C. Crandall, LT Duncan, ADJ1 Jackson, Chief Paulsen, PR1 Lovelace, AW1 Mike Singleton, AE Mike Kremper, AMS2 “Anvil” Davis, PO3 Montague, LT Lambert, LCDR “Snake” Salisbury, and CDR Larry Elson, Cruises: 1971, USS Ticonderoga; 1972, Imperial Beach and HMCS Provider. I had flight skins for several years including my reserve time and did many a “Real Estate 1 & 2.” All in all, a great experience and unforgettable times.

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