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vaq-135-ravens-patchActivated May 15, 1969. Deployments and detachments to Southeast Asia on USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), USS Hancock (CVA-19), USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63), and to Mediterranean on USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-43), USS Forrestal (CVA-59). Transition to EA-6B July 1974.


— provided by Mr. Robert M. Cieri

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  1. I was attached to VAQ135 in May 1969 and made a cruise on the Coral Sea (CVA43). As an Electronics tech I was a maintenance tech on the EKA-3B.
    I left the squadron in June 1971. I,m looking for anyone who was in this squadron during this period and specifically anyone who was on the beach detachment in Da Nang April-May 1970.

    1. I was on board U.S.S. Coral Sea at the same time as you. I was an HM1 with VF151. We had an A3 of yours that was close to the carrier and we were able to recover the human remains of one aircrewman or pilot, I am not sure which. I escorted the remains into danang airport and then by open air Jeep about ten miles over to the morgue in danang. While I was at the morgue I helped a young marine process several bodies of deceased military guys . If you remember the incident or the remains I took care of give me a call at 352-350-2185. I need some assistance on a couple items. Thanks from Damond “doc” Dawson email vf 151 and the coral sea. I am pretty sure the A3 crashes within view of coral sea, but I did view it.

    2. I was on that beach detachment in DaNang was a plane captain at the time. Put out the fire on the plane that caught on fire while refueling.

  2. I left VAQ 135 det.5 in May 1972, Subic Bay. My commanding officer was Lcdr Hopkins. He was the very best skipper any sailor could ever have. I got out of the Navy in Subic Bay. Looking back at that time I wish that I had let him know what a great skipper he was. He always had my back and never let officers like Lt. Red mistreat the squadron enlisted personnel. I hope that he eventually was promoted to Captain.

    1. I was in Det 3 for a few months, transferred to Det 5 and went to the Med from Dec 71-Aug 72. Larry Behm Portland Ore.

  3. I was a flight deck corpsman with VF 151 on board the Coral Sea CVA 43 off the coast of Nam when one of the A3B, had a fatal accident pretty close to the ship and I was tasked with the honor of escorting the human remains of one pilot ( I think) into the morgue in DaNang I am not sure of his name,but I think he was a member of your squadron. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I think this transpired in January of 1969 or 1970 but I am not positive of the date My email address is Phone #:352-350-2185. Thanks. Damond

    1. A note from The Virtual Wall
      On May 15,1969, one of VAQ-130’s detachments was enlarged into a new Tactical Electronic Warfare squadron, VAQ-135, homeported at NAS Alameda, California. The new unit first deployed to Southeast Asia aboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) in September, 1969.

      On 16 May 1970, one of VAQ-135’s EKA-3B aircraft (BuNo 142657) was transiting from the Naval Air Station at Cubi Point, Philippines, to USS CORAL SEA on Yankee Station. As the aircraft approached Yankee Station it was diverted to land at Danang Air Base in South Vietnam. During the diversion radar contact was lost. Search and rescue operations found wreckage and recovered the body of one crewman. Three men died in the loss:

      CDR Richard R. Skeen, pilot
      LCDR Eugene F. McNally, navigator (body recovered)
      ADCS Edwin R. Conner, flight engineer

  4. Was in VAQ-135 from 11/71 through 8/72 aboard the USS Coral Sea in the Tonkin Gulf. Was an AE-3, Paul Abney, maintence officer was Lt. Al Whaley.

    1. Do names like AE1 Johnson, or PN3 Posey, OIC Harv Dickey , ADJ1 Lowry ring a bell? I have been in touch with Chuck Hanson, Mike Danosky, Steve Kuhar, Mike Kaiser, Gene Marx and others over the years as pilots/navigators. Doug Kees also comes to mind for his inflight repairs to the tanker system. One of our pilots got the nickname “Black Cloud” after nine consecutive emergencies; that would be me. The old hangar at Alameda is now an indoor sports arena with treadmills, indoor soccer, etc. Sadly, our old A-3s have since been dismantled and gone forever. 142404 (NL612) was a workhorse for us, but last seen with no wings or tail. In 2002 at an A-3 reunion at VanNuys, CA, I ran into CDR Frank Bardecki, ADCS Hutto, and AT2 Leivestad; the latter having his own company in CO. Left the “Lightening Bolts” in Oct ‘73 for NRDNY, then EA-6Bs at Whidbey which eventually led to command VAQ-131 Lancers then five years at the Pentagon led to retirement. We have one of the last three Whales on display outside the main Langley Gate at NAS Whidbey Island. Fair winds, Bill Young

  5. Ed was my best friend. He could always keep you laughing. CDR Skeen was a good trap shooter and an excellent XO. Very professional man.
    LCDR McNally was very quiet and very professional. I remember the personalities of all three they were all great military men. “GOD bless those who gave ALL”.

    Tom Dunn, ADJC

  6. Was at commisioning ceremony on 15 May 1969 and served as Plane Captain until EAOS in September 1972. Did cruises on Coral Sea (196(-1970), Franklin D. Roosevelt (1971) and Kitty Hawk (1972). Great times with great friends.

    1. Glad to hear from all you guys. I was there also for all three cruise’s, 1969-1972 . Also on Da Nan beach det. Left VAQ-135 in 1972 but stayed in A’3s at Patuent River Test Center. While in VAQ-135 was the line supervisor and aircrew as a ABH-2 and did the same thing in PAX RIVER.

  7. To Roger Young this is Gary Evers I was attached to the beach det. In Da Nang during that time. I was with John Wayne ( buckie ) May.

  8. I too was with VAQ 135 off of the Coral Sea.1971-1972.
    I was an ADJ 3rd class.and a plane captain.
    My guys nicknamed me “Capt.kink”.
    I was from Boston Mass.
    I miss you guys,especially my man”Hominy”,Ed Neal from Spartensburg S.Carolina.
    We had some memorable times in the Phillipines.

    1. Hi Ron I remember you a Ed we did have some good times in the Philippines. We drink a lot beer had a fight with with marine are t..Hope you are doing well. Do you ever talk Ed .Hope you remember me . Called to hear from you.

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