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vma-133-dragons-patchVMA-133 was a U.S. Marine Corps reserve fighter squadron. Known as the “Dragons”, the squadron was part of Marine Aircraft Group 42 of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. The Dragons flew the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk. VMA-133 was deactivated in 1992.

History: During WWII the squadron was known as Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron 133 (VMTB-133) and originated out of El Toro in Orange County California and Ewa Field in Hawaii. The squadron saw action during the Bouganville and Philippine campaigns. VMTB-133 was deactivated on August 1, 1945.



— provided by Mr. Robert M. Cieri and Mr. Mark Pogue

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  1. is the vmtb and the vma 133 patches the same and ere can I get rep of the vmtb patches a friend of mines dad was in133 during ww2

    1. Dr. Tortorello,
      To answer your question, no. They are not the same. The VMA133 patch evolved from what was known as the “fat dragon” to the last rendition which depicts a more sleek dragon and a red background. The VMTB133 patch (or VMSB133 to some) featured a bulldog wearing a coonskin cap and wielding what looks to be a .50 cal M2 or possibly a 20mm cannon.
      They have a FaceBook page with plenty of original photographs from the South Pacific.

  2. I served as a hydraulics mechanic with VMA-133 from November 1970 – 1976. I was a Marine reserve. We served one weekend every month and did a two week “summer cruise,” usually in the first week of August, which is when my birthday falls. So for six years I spent my birthday with my Marine buddies. We were told we would be spending summers in places like Rota, Spain and Iwakuni, Japan but because of budget constraints and the Arab oil embargo ( fuel shortages ) we ended up in Fallon, NV, Yuma, AZ, and Cherry Point, NC.

    I can’t say I enjoyed the corps. The military life isn’t something I would have signed up for if I hadn’t been drafted. I chose to join the corps rather than go along with the draft. I showed them! My buddies and I were all in the same boat and made the best of it . There was a lot of camaraderie. Every reserve weekend and every summer cruise was like a night out with the boys. We’d work hard all day on the ‘birds’ and party hard at night. Fun times with great guys.

    None of us kept up our friendship after our enlistment was up. I miss our little gang, Mark McNeil, Don Jackson, Harry Weiss, and a guy named Mike. Sorry, Mike, but if you ever read this, I don’t remember your surname. He worked for Otis Elevator in the city. And there was another guy, big guy, had a Sunbeam Tiger and lived in Fair Oaks. His dad had been a colonel or Navy captain. We were in boot camp together at MCRD. Darn it, memories fade after 50 years. If any of you guys see this I’m not hard to find. Look me up, I’d love to go out for a beer and talk about old times.

    1. I was active duty stationed in Alameda from 1978 to 1981. With the MARTD 42 (Marine Air Reserve Training Detachment). Supporting the VMA-133 fixed wing A-4’s and the HMH-769 Ch-53 Heavy Helicopter Squadrons. I was in the MAG-42 supply section. Which was in the non-aviation section of the group. It was my last active-duty assignment. I left the active-duty side and became a Reservist for the same MAG-42 reserves in the Summer of 1981 until the end of my 5 contract enlistments in Dec of 1994, 20 years of service. As a Gunnery Sergeant it was time to leave. The Corps was changing, I was changing. Went back to Sacramento California, having grown up in Fair Oaks, I had had my traveling within the system. Set roots and went to work at McClellan AFB, in central receiving (supply). Retired in 2001 with 26 years of Federal Serice. Being in Iwakuni Japan for a year with the MWSG-17 in support of the F-4 Phantoms was a highlight. Hit me up Marine.

  3. David, I was in 133 from May 1971 to October 1976. We probably crossed paths a few times. I was a clerk in the S2 shop (Intelligence). I’m hoping that someday there is a reunion in Alameda.
    Semper Fi !

  4. I was stationed in Alameda from Feb. 76 thru Apr. 78. Was ground support Hydraulics, cross trained as an A-4 plane captain. I was a full time Marine. We trained the reservists 2 weeks a month. we also took them on the 1 week vacation to Fallon NV. and Roosevelt Roads San Juan Porto Rico. There were 5 of us (I think) that were ground support cross trained to plane captains to fulfill the required MOS’S. Really enjoyed the time I spent there. Semper Fi, to all that served at this station while it was open.

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