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vr-55-patchFleet Logistics Support Squadron 55 was established in April 1976 at NAS Alameda. Calif., and was the first Naval Reserve unit to fly the C-9B Skytrain II. In 1993, the Minutemen transitioned to the C-130T Hercules, left, and today the squadron comprises approximately 275 personnel, including 35 pilots.

The Minutemen provide global logistics support for U.S. Naval forces deployed throughout the world. Primary theaters of operation include the Mediterranean. European, southwest Asian. Middle Eastern, Indian Ocean, Australian, Far Eastern, and Pacific Ocean island regions. VR-55 plays a pivotal role in the efficient and timely delivery of personnel and materiel to ships and deployed units in order to maintain a high level of operational readiness. Providing the vital link between ports, air stations, and foreign civilian locales, VR-55 helps fleet commands meet their operational readiness goals and accomplish United States foreign policy objectives.


— provided by Mr. Robert M. Cieri

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