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vsf1-warhawks-patchStationed at NAS Alameda: 1965 to 19?? — VSF-1 was established on 1 July 1965. On 1 July 1966 VSF-1 was split in half — One half remained as VSF-1 and deployed on the USS Shangri-La CVS-38 to the Mediterranean and the other half was called VSF-1 Det Alameda which was later renamed VSF-3 Chessmen.

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— provided by R. R. “Boom” Powell, Cdr, USN (Ret), member of the Skyhawk Association

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    1. larry.. i was transfered back to shore duty in feb 1963 to beeville texas while i was in vp19 i was a check crew chief and also flew with crew 10 in PE10 do you remember kenny stump? he passed a couple of years ago had retired from maint at the pentagon his wife stills lives in that area.i visited her a couple of yrars ago..when i left vp19 i was an ADJ2…ersel rust

  1. I served Marine Barracks NAS Alameda 1983-85 and did not find this Marine detachment as one of the units represented as one of the units on this base.

    1. Yes indeed! NAS Alameda was my first duty station in 1992. That was also the same year the MCSFco unit decommissioned as well (November or December 1992); then we had our choice of serving the rest of our Barracks duty commitment at either Bangor WA or Concord CA (I went to Bangor). Although the MCSFco unit was a small one at NAS Alameda, I also think it’s important to record our history, and not have it disappear in time.

    2. I also served at the US Marine Barracks Alameda from 1985- 1986 and would like to connect with other Marines.

  2. I notice the abscense of the c118 and vr 21 fleet tactical support and reconasse squadrenwe were home based in barbets polnt
    hawaii and hsd a detachment at alameda.

    1. While we do have an archive, the info is not cataloged, much less digitized for access. Our museum is more about showing what happened at the base and it’s relationship to the City of Alameda, through artifacts and displays. Good luck finding info.
      Robbie Dileo, Secretary

  3. There was also VMA-141 and a MAG plus a H&MS squadron assigned there. I can not remember what MAG was there.

    1. It was MAG-42, which consisted of VMA-133 and HMH-769. I served there at the the squadron level and also at the Paraloft from 1988-1992.

  4. Request assistance in obtaining a copy of COMFAIRALAMEDA Instruction 3310.5 (late 1950’s) containing “Sandblower” mission routes/checkpoints.
    I am researching my fathers aviation career and I am specifically looking for information on the “Sandblower #12” mission route. Sandblower routes are identified in this instruction.

    Thank You.

  5. Why no VR-30 listed? The first squadron to receive the Navy’s first jet transport in April 1973, the C9B. They also deployed on the USS Hornet for Carrier on Board Delivery for the astronauts returning from space. VR 55 received the C130 in 1994 not 1993 and were at Moffett at that time.
    Thanks for the all the work with the museum, I need to stop by and check it out, Thanks, Ross Bogert, VR-30 and VR55. 20 years Hanger 40

    1. Thanks for the info. Will look into updating the website. I am new to doing changes and approving comments.
      Robbie Dileo, Secretary

  6. I see from looking at your site that you that you don’t have Commander Fleet Air Alameda (COMFAIRALAMEDA) listed. I served on Staff there from 4/67 to 5/69. COMFAIRALAMEDA located on the second floor of the Headquarters Building was the Senior Command over Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda, CA; NAS Lemoore, CA; NAS Moffett Field, CA; NAS Fallon, NV and Aircraft Carriers: USS Enterprise (CVN-65), USS Ranger (CV-61), USS Coral Sea (CV-43), USS Oriskany (CV-34), USS Hancock (CVA-19) and others that were home ported in Alameda, CA. In 1967 or 1968 President Ronald Reagan then Governor Reagan visited COMFAIRALAMEDA Rear Admiral Frederick E. Bakutis.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I am new to website replies and updating of information. Will look into including info.

      Robbie Dileo, Secretary

  7. I’m not sure were this information would be listed but I forgot to mention that the movie “Yours mine and ours” with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball was filmed at NAS Alameda and on the USS Enterprise. A couple of COMFAIRALAMEDA’s officers, their children and myself were in the move filmed in 1967 and released April 24, 1968.

    1. Worked as bag boy/carry out (for extra pocket money on my days off) at the commissary when the movie commissary scene was shot. All of the bag boys were hustled out of the way so that movie extras could fill in! Stationed at the Fleet Weather center.

  8. I have the 1940 – 1980 NARF Alameda yearbook digitized on “Photobucket”. You may have access to it for photos etc. and photos for those now in the “Memorial” section of your website. Go to http://www.photobucket, login = paisan2u1 and password = hotdog4u. In the entire book, there is no identification of who produced, published or printed it, nor any copyright claims or statements, as the entire book and all pages are shown. I hope this may contribute to your site. Feel free to copy any/all. (Please do not make any additions, deletions or changes to the contents in my page)
    Nick Quattrociocche
    NAS Alameda, USN 1972-1976
    NARF Alameda, 1977-1986

  9. I guess you totally forgot 1955 thru 1957 Of ATG1 air group and the squadrons, . Especially VF111 the SUNDOWNERS.

  10. i was stationed there in 1960.61 62 63 in vp 19 i was a check crew chief and flight crew plane captain flying #pe10 a p2v7 neptune transfered out when they went to the p3v orion and moved the
    squadron to moffit field …

  11. Hi
    I’m trying to contact someone at the Museum to discuss the Seaplane Ramp conditions and hanger facilities for the Martin Mars. We have the 2 Mars here and are looking to store the Philippine Mars until it can be flown to NAS Pensacola. My contact number is 1-250-724-0584.

  12. Hi, I was stationed there from Dec. 68 to Sept. 70 to COMFAIRALAMEDS “DET A”. Does anybody have any information on this detachment and who was stationed with them. I’m trying to find my history with this Unit.

  13. I was a nineteen year old airman in 1969. Was sent with my squadron VSF1 based in Alameda to Norfolk Virginia to the USS Independence.Went on a NATO cruise mostly in the north Atlantic,dropped the hook off Portsmouth England and during that time had the time of my life.Had my boot camp buddies there alsoRay, Don, and Roger.Worked on the flight deck as plane captain. Lots of hrs.What a great time!

  14. I did not see the Naval Weather Service Facility listed as a NAS Alameda unit. I was an AK1 attached form February 1974 to August 1976. I believe they moved to Norfolk Va.

  15. I was assigned to VSF-1 “Warhawks” in 1967 after plain captain training, we were attached to the USS Independence CVA62 out of Norfolk, VA and deployed to the Mediterranean Six Fleet. After the cruise which included three aircraft carriers (service to the fleet) in the Mediterranean I was stationed in Norfolk, VA with the Joint Chiefs of Staff ” (CINCLANTFLEET) . I was releaved from active duty after 52 months in March 1971 as Yeoman Second Class with an honorable discharge in 1972. I enjoyed my enlistment and if I could do it over I would be proud to. I worked on the flight deck before I transferred to squadron office as yeoman. Great time proud to be a veteran of the United States Navy.

  16. I served with VP-9 1962-1963 P2V-7 , I also served in the following reserve units VR-874 C-54s, VR-51 C118s and VR-55 DC-9. All where based at NAS
    Alameda, Retired from VR-55 1990, 30 years service 1960-1990

  17. I reported aboard as a 3rd class Electronics Tech, fresh out of “A” School in Millington, TN Dec 31, 1956 assigned to VP-19. While stationed there the squadron made 2 deployments Kodiak, AK in May 1957 and the second to Iwakuni, Japan. I was released from Active Duty Sep 1959. I was hired as Electronic Installer in Oct 1961 at NAS Alameda’s O & R assigned to Flight Test. I worked in the Production Control, Material Planning Br, Workload Planning Br. before retiring in 1988 as GS-12 Material Planning branch head.

  18. I was a Seabee assigned to the Transportation Dept and later to the Riggers Loft. There were a number of us there , though we did not comprise a “unit” as such. You might wish to include the Seabee logo as a part of the Alameda team even though we were not a separate recognized unit serving there.

  19. Does anyone have any info on Fleet Tactical Support Squadron VR 871, we had the old C 118’s in the mid 60’s to early 70’s. I left in Feb. 72

  20. Hi, so, this is going to come off fairly strange but I’ll begin. My husband and I recently found out that his birth father is not who we believed him to be. Apparently his mom had a fling with someone who was stationed at Alameda in 1990 and 1991. His parents have passed on but he grew up with his grandparents. He was 21 at the time and his mom was 18. She says he worked on a ship that looked like an upside down cockroach.
    The only names she could provide were “Jody Ogden” so please, if you are or know of this person, contact me.

  21. Successful anti-submarine warfare depends on a mix of sensor and weapon technology, training, and experience. Sophisticated sonar equipment for first detecting, then classifying, locating, and tracking the target submarine is a key element of ASW. To destroy submarines, both torpedos and naval mines are used, launched from air, surface, and underwater platforms. ASW also involves protecting friendly ships.

  22. I was there Jan. 69 to Sept.70 I was a aircraft escort in a unit called Comfaiealameda Det A Does anybody remember this unit? I need to find out stuff on this to help me out with a health claim. twodogs110349@yahoo.com Thanks

  23. Sept. 1968 I came out of Aviation Support Equipment School at NATTC Jacksonville and sent to NAS Alameda as my first duty Station. I was assigned to AIMD servicing Yellow Gear for the squadrons. Arrived an E3 and left an E5 in late 1970. (new rate, fast advancement) Went to USS Independence that was on a Med cruise. Joined the ship in Athens

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