Based on current guidance available today, the Museum was able to open on 10 October, Saturday.  We will open again Saturday the 17th of October and continue to evaluate before opening on both days of the weekend! Today turned out great, thank you for all the visitors today and see you again soon!  

The attendance will be limited to 25% of capacity, for which we will maintain strict controls to ensure we are successful in sharing the Alameda Naval Air Museum experience with you. 

Thank you for your continued support!

9 thoughts on “OPENING 10 OCTOBER !

  1. Congratulations on reopening. Hope to visit again soon and renew many happy memories of being stationed at NAS Alameda in 1964 and 1966. Please provide details of future openings and how to provide support. Many thanks.

  2. Hello Alameda,
    My name is Clifton C Burke, I went by Kip and then when I got an enlightened Aircrew wings my call sign was “Stoney Burke’s ” after the TV series “Burke’s Law” staring Jack Lord. My original home base squadron was VAQ 130, then I was transferred to VAQ 132 where we deployed aboard the USS America to Yankee Station for al deployment from late 69 to late 70.
    I loved being stationed at NAS Alameda. Beautiful base, the surrounding area was to die for and opportunities abound.
    I now live in Wenatchee, Washington and will be unable to attend the upcoming opening celebration. Please keep me informed of upcoming opportunity events.
    Sincerely Kip Burke

    1. Thank you for your interest and your service here in Alameda. We’ll take any pictures you have, and scan them and send them back of facilities, aircraft and the people that worked here. Hopefully you are enjoying the pictures we have posted so far!

  3. I was assigned to VSF-1 A-4 Skyhawks after plane captain school. Stationed in Alameda , CA
    in 1967. We did carrier quals adoard the USS Bennington before a Mediterranean cruise in
    1968/1969 aboard the USS Independence CVA-62.

  4. Thats great. Was stationed there 1976 to 1981 at Hanger41 AIMD Jet Engine Shop. Please keep me informed of future events and anything I can do to help.

    1. Excellent! More than anything right now is we need funds. The bills didn’t stop during the shutdown. We were able to do a lot of volunteer work over the last 5 months and that has all been dedicated to fixing up, cleaning, an repairing long overdue items. Please consider (if not already) joining the museum and come visit us whenever you can on Weekends!

  5. Excellent, glad to see you reopen, I enjoyed NAS Alameda from 1989 to 1992 I was assigned to HM-15 a Mine countermeasures squadron. this station was very interesting and has a lot of history. out on the runway we would find unused ammo ans ordnance all the time. during world war two (I was told) a lot of aircraft were loaded with ordnance for practice training of flight crews and thus the loss ammo found on the taxi ways and ordnance loading spots. great NAS station.

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