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Watch our very own Museum Curator discuss General Jimmy Doolittle, a local Alameda resident who went on to lead the Doolittle Raiders over Tokyo, April 18, 1942!  Video created for a Eagle Scout Project from Alameda Local Boy Scout Troop 73.  Please come support your museum!

6 thoughts on “Doolittle Raiders – History of the General

  1. What a wonderful thing to put on for such a great man. Didn’t know he was born in Alameda. Wished I could be there here for a his event.
    Bruce Cooke
    HNGR 41 AIMD
    JULY 1976- OCT. 1981

  2. Thank you for this nice video. I was very disappointed to learn that the Doolittle Raiders had been holding their annual reunions at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. I had been living less than 5 miles from there but I had been completely unaware of those Reunions. I wish I could have attended so that I could have met these heroes. Doolittle was a very remarkable man.

    Regards, Neil P. Albaugh ex-SP5 US Army Ordnance

  3. That video was really informative and I feel well done.
    Thank you for making it available to watch. I was stationed at NAS Alameda from 1969 to 1972, with squadrons VAQ130, VAQ 132 and VAQ 135.
    NAS Alameda holds a special place in my heart and now knowing Jimmy Doolittle was a home grown boy from Alameda makes it even more special. Thanks again.

    1. Hello Kip, I was stationed at NAS Alameda in HS-85 from 71-73 (plus weekend drills).
      Nice to hear from someone else who spent time there. I knew Russ Neyneighbor RIP. he was a great guy with a really bright future.
      Did you know him?

  4. All veterans that volunteered to put their life on the line for this country are hero’s in my book.
    The time that I was stationed at NAS Alameda was an adventure that I will never forget. My Alameda socialite ex wife of 35 years walked by and saw me lounging on a beach on Shoreline Drive near Washington Park early morning on Sunday May 5, 1968, sat down to talk and we were married on Jan 25, 1969.
    Larry Beutler USN AT
    HNGR 41 AIMD AVIONICS JAN 1968 – JUNE 1970
    Discharged at Treasure Island APRIL 1971

  5. AWESOME JOB Larry and team! Nice seeing you again Larry! Hope you are and the gang are well. Warm regards,

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